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  • Chicago Wedding Venue | Hotel Arista

    Luxury of the City, Comfort of the Burbs | Hotel Arista You can have a luxury, high end wedding in the suburbs, I promise!   Let's face it, as a Chicago wedding planner, I know that the suburbs are very limited in choices when it comes to luxury wedding venues.  Brides have a wedding design that they have in mind and the venue is the first piece of pulling it all together.

  • Aqua and Red Wedding Invitations

    I love talking colors; it’s one of my favorite blog posts to write.  Different color palettes and how those color tones can be translated into one wedding design style or the next.  When thinking about your unique wedding invitations, bringing in a variety of color will surely stand out. Today we are in love with the Aqua and Red color combination.   This palette can go so many different ways, but today we are bringing a more retro vibe to the blog.  How awesome do you t...

  • Chicago Florist | Natural Beauties Floral Inc

    The beauties behind Natural Beauties Where does the name come from, well at first glance you may see their beautiful floral designs, but if you look much deeper into the twins that make up Natural Beauties Floral Inc you will find beauties themselves. They have a passion for true design, and a standard of excellence that is unmatched.  We sat down with Jillian and Jan Yuhas to do a quick, 5 Questions in 5 Minutes, to introduce you to this Chicago-based floral design studio. Q&A JHD: Tel...

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