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   As a woman (and a little girl at heart) I believe in love and spending my life with my one true love. I've thought about the day where my true love and I can say "I do" and of course I want it to be the most wonderful day of my life. Ever after wed is a Miami based wedding planning company that specializes in making your wedding day magical. They take care of the wedding designs from the wedding seating chart, wedding programs and all your other wedding stationery so that you can feel that your day will run smoothly. Everything is a check list when it comes to the actual day and Ever After Wed can really make sure all those tasks are checked. They have beautiful receptions and ceremonies filled with flowers and happiness. They also help you find a unique wedding invitation. Here is some insight about the wedding planning process from the owner herself, 

Socorro Alicea:


++ What inspired you to become a wedding planner?

I simply love weddings with a passion. You could say I’m sentimental; I love Love. I’m a dreamer and I believe in the fairy tale. I believe there’s a happily ever after for every couple and I feel that as a wedding planner I’m in the unique position to design and bring to life what they dream of for the perfect start to the beginning of their story.

++ How long have you been working in this business?

- Overall, I’ve worked in this business for over 10 years. I started out as a corporate event planner; later I went on to become and worked as a teacher for a few years but decided that event planning was truly where my heart lay. I began again with friend’s wedding and later friends of friend’s weddings and it sort of took off from there! I created my own company in 2008 and it has been one of the most satisfying decisions of my life.

++ Can you tell me about one of your favorite weddings that you were a part of?

- Every wedding aims to be beautiful, romantic and unforgettable. But this one couple’s wedding; Christine and Jeremy who I worked with in 2012, just stands out in my mind. I’ve worked with so many great couples but these two are what stories are written about. In all my years as a coordinator before or since have I ever seen a couple express their love for each other quite in the same way they do. It’s hard to explain, they have this aura about them, like they make the other glow for being in each other’s presence. It could be argued that all newlyweds have that glow of happiness about them, yet they were something else entirely. It made me happy to see them be so enveloped in such all-encompassing happiness. Not only that, but they were cherished as a couple by their family and friends. You could feel there was a lot of love at that wedding. And that’s all before I even begin to talk about their wedding décor!

++ What are some of the most unusual requests that you’ve had from brides?

- Unusual requests I’ve definitely had! It just comes with the territory. One bride asked me to cut, not dismount as some dresses are equipped to do, but literally cut the train of her dress because she felt it was too long. Another bride asked me to start dancing in the middle of the dance floor to break the ice and encourage her guests to start dancing. I have to say it worked, because by the end of the night the dance floor was packed!

++ What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

-I think what sets me apart from other wedding planners is that there is NOTHING else in the world that I love doing as much as being a part of the union of a couple. I live and breathe making a once upon a time girl’s dream come true. Not only hers but the groom’s too! Grooms are nowadays very vocal in what they envision for their wedding day and I aim to blend those two visions into the perfect evening.

++ Do you find yourself being critical of other weddings that you attend that you didn’t plan?

- Critical is not a word I would use… I’m always looking at things through my own aesthetic and tossing ideas around in my head. I think every wedding planner does that. I feel a healthy part of the creative process is to be exposed and open to other’s ideas. I am obsessed with designs, details, colors, textures, lighting; you name it! Every time I am a guest at ANY event I’m always making mental notes of things I like or entertain design possibilities. It always feels like there’s a fresh canvas around the corner, there’s always new trends, new colors and new things to try. Seeing other’s people work can provide inspiration for my own or opportunities to learn from their experiences.

++ What is the most fulfilling part about the wedding planning process?

- I’m all about chemistry. I love meeting a couple and feeling that excitement that comes with knowing we will create something beautiful together. The process of planning a wedding can be time consuming, exhausting and at times overwhelming; yet  when everything is said and done all the effort is worth it when I see a couple’s face light up when they enter the room.  That is the moment I work for.

++ Who are some of your favorite vendors and venues that you work with?

- Miami is full of talented vendors that I’ve been honored to work with. One of my favorite photographers to work with is Vanessa Velez; her unique and flawless style makes all my weddings look like true works of art. If sweet and stunning cake design is what you’re after then C&M Cake Designers and Sugar fancies are who you need to speak with. As for venues, even with the vast amount of choices of beautiful places in Miami among my favorites are The Spanish Monastery,  Vizcaya Museums,  The Comber Hall, Epic Hotel, The Shnebly Winery and last but not least Estancias Culinarias. They each have their own unique charm and I’m sure every couple will fall in love with them.

++ Thank you Ever After Wed ++

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