Finding the perfect wedding dress is a girls dream, well after finding the perfect man. I mean they have shows dedicated just to that! (Well for both!) There’s more than the wedding dress, there’s tons of other wedding accessories to figure out. For one, brides have to think about their hair and most importantly what goes in it. Will you have the traditional veil, the stylish headband, the cutesy bow, the beautiful flower, or a classy barrette? 



So many choices and every girl has different tastes. For me I would probably go for the traditional at least for the ceremony portion. I love traditions and since my mom and sister wore a veil, why not keep with the tradition. Then, for the party portion switch it up to a cute barrette. It’s becoming a trend to switch the hair between the ceremony and reception. So if you’re torn between hair accessories or hair styles remember there’s two ways you can wear it. It makes decisions a little easier. Even if you find two dresses you’d like to flaunt you can switch between the two events. My recommendation is that you check our Etsy for your hair accessories, they have countless ideas.


Another accessory to think about is the garter belt. A new tradition that I have seen is to wear a garter belt dedicated to the groom. One wedding I went to the bride wore a garter belt decorated in the groom’s favorite sport’s team. It’s a great way to show your man you were thinking of him when late night festivities come around. Also, having another, simple, garter belt is smart for the garter belt throwing. You never know what those single men might do with the belt so don’t spend too much on that garter belt. You may also want to get one for yourself if you’re up to wearing three belts. This could be a great way to take care of your something new, old or blue! Etsy has a variety of each styles such as these:

The last accessory I want to talk about is the Groom! He is your best accessory on your day! The whole thing about weddings being the brides day, true, but wedding are becoming less traditional. More and More Brides want their groom to feel just as special during that day. I think it’s great to include him in plans. If he has ideas let him share them because he asked you the big question then I’m sure he has dreams of this day himself. If you make him feel special it will make you feel more special, even though your friends and family have done that enough. I think seeing two people happily in love on their wedding day gives you such great hope in this world. Love is alive! That’s why having the groom involved is so special.

To all brides, I hope you’re finding the right accessories for your big day and I hope to have another post about more accessory ideas soon!

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