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ETSY, as I've said before, is the best place to find unique items especially for your wedding day. I stumbled upon this European based handcrafted jewelry company that is a married couple who work side by side to bring us fabulous pieces of art. These statement pieces can make you stand out even more on your big day with their use of color and size! Take a look at some of their pieces and insight into the owners!

++ What inspired you to start designing jewelry and accessories?

-We both  always loved to make things with our own hands. It is less important what it is, a piece of furniture, wall installation, ashtrays ... Simply indescribable feeling to make things that did not come from the factory and that is unique. It is especially nice when you realize that there are people who really appreciate what you're doing. Also, for both, it is a kind of therapy. Or like child's play: Always a thrill with every new beautiful thing that we do create. After the first few pieces of jewelry sold, we realized that we are doing really well so we are focused on making jewelry.

++ How long have you been working in this business?

-Well .. a relatively long time, for nine years. Although we feel like we're just beginning. There is so much unexplored territory, so many aspects that are only lightly touched ... What is certain is that we intend to stay in this job forever. Or at least until we die;)

++ Can you tell me about one of your favorite clients that have used your jewelry in their wedding?

- A girl from our neighborhood. At her wedding she wanted to look like the elf princess, and she wanted to wear something between the crown and tiara in gold and silver tones. It took five days to finish the piece (the day before the wedding) but it was worth it.

++ What are some of your favorite aspects of selling on ETSY?

-We like the communication on etsy. The people are very pleasant and friendly. It is also an amazing thing making custom piece of jewelry for someone who lives on the other side of the world. As a curiosity, this summer in Split-Croatia, we met a girl from the USA who wore our earrings purchased on etsy.(!!!) She got them as a gift from her sister !

++ What sets you a part from other jewelry designers

- Probably the fact that we use a lot of different techniques which combine not common and that in the end provide a product that is so characteristic of us. Anyone who has a couple of our creations is very easy to recognize our work as soon as you take it in hand. You can copy the shape and appearance. But copying our technology and quality is very difficult. Also, when you look closely at our jewelry it is clear that this is handicraft, which is produced spent a lot of time.

++ What is the most full filling part about the jewelry business?

- It's really a blessing to do the job you love. Every day, new challenges, new beautiful things to create. Especially nice when you do not have a superior. You are responsible yourself and anyone else.

++ Who are some of your favorite vendors that you have worked with or that are on ETSY?

- We never worked with someone on Etsy, but  we are very like Dolores Petunia Etsy shop

++ Thanks so much to LOTTAART ++

++ We also have an ETSY shop, JulieHananDesign that specializes in wedding designs for wedding invitations, save the dates, wedding placecards, and other wedding stationery!

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