One of the most refreshing occurrences in the wedding industry is discovering a unique service for brides. Reenie Rose is one of those companies! Reenie Rose specializes in bouquet paintings. Sometimes it's heartbreaking for brides to throw away the bouquet so why not preserve it with an oil painting. Reenie Rose takes a photo of your bouquet and brings it to life on a canvas. She also offers wedding day services such as aisle runners and wedding jewelry. She offers creative wedding designs to make your day as special as possible.  Here is some great insight into a original wedding company from the owner herself, Loreen Rose:

 ++ What inspired you to become a painter?

- I've always loved art and when it came time to go to college and pick a major, art was a natural choice.  I was an illustration major with illusions of becoming a Disney animator when I discovered oil paints and realized I was really a painter and oils were my intended medium.  Some people like to write with a pen or draw with a pencil...I'm most comfortable with a brush.

++ How long have you been working in this business?

-I officially started my business in February of 2009 after having completed my first painting in October of 2008.  It all started after a friend of the family approached me about creating a painting for her niece as a wedding gift.  I suggested painting her bridal bouquet since I had always painted very natural objects in the past.  The result was a painting that inspired a business idea!

++ Can you tell me about one of your favorite weddings that you were apart of?

-This is tough, but a few come to mind.  I've found that they are the ones that I have a lot of customer interaction with since some of the times I don't even get to meet my clients or the painting owner (a lot of my communication is done via email and paintings are sometimes given as gifts).  One client in particular, purchased a painting for her daughter as a wedding gift, which I love.  The family was located in Dallas, so when they heard that I was going to show their painting at a bridal event (while it dried), they decided to fly in to meet me in person and take photos of all of us in front of the completed piece of art.  I've never had someone fly from miles away just to meet me and my art before.  It was very touching...and I really loved the painting too.

++ What are some of the most unusual requests that you’ve had from brides?

- The odd requests usually come when I am booked after the wedding and have not taken the photos of the bouquet myself.  It's usually something that is missing that they wish was in the original composition.  I had a bride once ask me to move around the rhinestones that were in the centers of her flowers so that they were more symmetrically distributed.  I resort to Photoshoping in this instance....which I really dislike doing.  This is why I always encourage my inquiries to book me ahead of time so that either I may take the photos myself or instruct the photographer to take a dozen more of the bouquet.

++ What sets you a part from other wedding vendors?

-I'm pretty unique to the wedding industry and don't have to worry too much about competition.  On the flip side, I'm generally not a part of the typical vendor roster when booking everyone for a wedding.  My business is kind of an afterthought.  I'm trying to change this and save the bouquets of the world through my paintings.  Stop drying dead  flowers and shoving them into shadow boxes....remember flowers as they were on a wedding day: full of color and life.

++ What is the most fulfilling part about the painting process?

- When the painting is finished!  No, really.  It's a very long process that can get a little tedious sometimes, so when you finally complete one, all of the hard work feels so worth it.  I still have these weird moments where I step back from a completed piece and think, “Did I just do that?  Wow, it's really good.”

++ Who are some of your favorite vendors and venues that you work with?

- Oh my goodness, there are way too many to list.  I have honestly loved everyone I've worked with because they are always so accommodating and willing to help and support me.  From florists letting me visit the bouquet the day before a wedding to take my own photos or a photographer letting me use the photos they took because I was not present at the wedding, everyone has been truly amazing in supporting my business and helping me to create my work.  I'm always so grateful to the florists that recreate a bouquet for me to show beside a painting at an event...the visual is amazing.  Megan Musschoot of Pistil and Vine recreated a bouquet for my video ( that completely made it a success.  That's how wonderful these wedding vendors are!

++ Thank you so much Reenie Rose! ++

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1. Loreen wrote:
Thank YOU Julie!!!

Fri, June 28, 2013 @ 11:35 PM

2. Adriana wrote:
Love Loreen and love her work!

Sat, June 29, 2013 @ 8:53 AM

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