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You can have a luxury, high end wedding in the suburbs, I promise!  

Let's face it, as a Chicago wedding planner, I know that the suburbs are very limited in choices when it comes to luxury wedding venues.  Brides have a wedding design that they have in mind and the venue is the first piece of pulling it all together.

Today, we are featuring one of Forbes 4 star rated hotels, the hotel you have been looking for.  May I introduce, Hotel Arista.

Being a new venue, Hotel Arista has raised the bar in expectations of what it means to have a Chicago suburban wedding. It brings luxury from the city while being located in the comforts of the suburbs.

I sat down with Davina Arceneaux, Director of Catering at Hotel Arista for a quick 5 Questions in 5 minutes to discuss our favorite hotel.

JHD: Hotel Arista is one of VISIONS favorite hotels in the Chicago-land area, as the Director of Catering, what do love most about Hotel Arista?
I love the intimacy that comes from a luxury boutique hotel. There really is none like it in the area. It gives you the city feel in the suburbs. As a boutique hotel we focus all of our attention on one bride at a time, everything from the menu selections, where we make all our meals in house with our own chef. We are able to customize a menu to her selections because of how small of hotel we are. 

I love the personal preferences that you receive when having your wedding at Hotel Arista. We are really able to customize anything the bride and groom want from the pillows in the room to the personalized stocked mini bar.
We really give a 5 star treatment that one comes to expect from such places as hotels in the city, with TV’s in the mirror of the bathrooms. That and the chandeliers in our ballroom have to be my favorite aspects of the hotel. We really tried to design the hotel moving away from the other hotels in the suburbs that are more traditional.

JHD: What other ways are the hotel making a difference in the hotel world?
Hotel Arista was engineered from the ground up to be a green, echo- friendly hotel. The hotel was built with recycled wall paper (which is a stunning platinum leather) to all of our control switches have touch control that turns off all lights at once. We save 30% less water than most hotels, as well as 20% less energy. 

With keeping with the green nature we also recycle regularly, have our garden on the grounds, as well as donate all extras from the hotel to local shelters. Our fireplaces both in the lobby and the restaurant are run on corn oil that omits no smoke and is 100% natural. The restrooms throughout the hotel really bring to light that we are a truly green hotel all the way down to the hand towels. We have no paper products in the restrooms but use only hand towels.

JHD:  What are some new and exciting thing happening with Hotel Arista?

Davina: We just opened a full-service Spa that includes hair and makeup services for our brides the day of. We also offer spray tanning, individual and couple massages, and facials. Often times the couple will come in the day before their wedding to relax and enjoy our spa services to prep for the big day.

We also opened a sports bar on campus called Tap In Pub & Carvery that features a golf theme pub with a fun menu for our guests. If they are in need of a cup of coffee there is a nice coffee shop in the campus as well called Lavazza Expression, many couple’s enjoy stopping in for the vibe in the shop.

JHD: What is the average wedding cost for a Saturday wedding at Hotel Arista?
 Average cost starts at $100 per person.

Hotel Arista is known for the standard of luxury, and we love that about the hotel. You walk in feeling like you are in a 5 star hotel, the service is top notch and the one ballroom wedding is a plus in our book.

You can find more information regarding having your dream wedding at Hotel Arista or schedule a tour with Davina to see this gorgeous venue in person.

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