Even though I’m in a committed relationship I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I find myself at a job where I constantly have to think about weddings. Working for a wedding stationery and invitation designer encourages me to consider my wedding invitation, wedding theme, wedding food, and numerous other details. Questions that I probably shouldn’t be asking myself yet, but with Pinterest and other wedding sites these days, hey why not? I also am obsessed with Pinterest. I have spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at creative ideas to be just that, more creative. The most common Pinterest pins are unsurprisingly about weddings and just how to make your wedding more unique. If I were to be planning a wedding I would go directly to Pinterest to figure it all out. Even when a friend gets engaged it’s not long after I see her pin wedding ideas.

Everything from the dress to bridal shower games are featured pins on Pinterest. From strapless, lace, one shoulder...Pinterest literally has a pin for your perfect dress.

Then there’s your less than traditional bridal shower games like, “he says, she says,” where your guests guess who said what on Facebook.

As competitive as it is for brides now a days to have the most beautiful and unique wedding, Pinterest does make it easier to do so. Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life and you know you want to impress your friends and family as well. The best part of even going to a wedding beside the free food and booze is checking out the ideas each bride comes up from the wedding program to the dress. Last year I attended a wedding where the flower girl and ring bearer walked down the aisle with a sign that read, “Here comes the bride.” This is such an adorable idea and I’ve seen it on Pinterest. She also had a treasure box filled with wooden hearts where guests wrote their advice and well wishes on the hearts for the bride and groom. I had also seen this on Pinterest. Just recently I had seen a friend post on their Facbook a picture from her table at the reception that replicated a post that was on Pinterest.



Clearly brides these days just eat Pinterest up. Honestly, I see why. It is such an asset for brides these days to have their wedding board filled with pins. Ever since I was a little girl and I had Barbie and Ken get married, I dreamt about what my dream wedding would consist of. Pinterest gives you that chance to plan it.



It also gives you tips on how to make your dream wedding affordable. DIY wedding projects and handmade invitations featured on the site make life easy on the wallet and a great way to put your bridesmaids to work. Even though it makes brides more competitive, it also makes your wedding memorable. Making a little girls dreams come true.


My favorite wedding pins are photography ideas. It’s great to have those ideas for the wedding day. Even photographers are being more creative now because of Pinterest. It’s really boosting the wedding industry all over.

Pinterest allows you to pin whatever you want while sharing with other brides your ideas. Even we use Pinterest and this is where I make the shameless plug to check out our wedding pins by following Julie Hanan Design. We feature build your own wedding invitations that designs include unique wedding invitations from modern wedding invitations to rustic wedding invitations.

Thanks to pinterest I can’t wait to pick out my appetizers and what to write under my shoes.

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